Wonder Woman looking for a director

Is this really happening? Like for real? IESB just learned from their "source" inside Warner Brothers that studio execs are pushing this Wonder Woman movie further and further along. The latest is that they are now seeking a director. Personally (and I'm sure some will disagree), I think Bryan Singer would be a good candidate. He understands comics and his adaptations have been good (Superman Returns wasn't bad per se, just somewhat misplaced). I could even see maybe Ridley Scott directing the film...I guess it just depends on what they're going for with the story. The most obvious choice would have to be Joss Whedon since the movie is basically back at square one. Whedon doing a Wonder Woman movie would be the best possible scenario if he wanted to do it. Although I'm sure he would want tremendous control over it. But pairing him with Gail Simone (one of the most recent Wonder Woman comic book writers) would make for a truly compelling Wonder Woman movie. Now if only they can cast the right actor for the lead role... Wonder Woman looking for a director