Wonderland Annual sneak peek

Yesterday word broke that Zenescope would be continuing the Wonderland trilogy. In an almost separate universe you have the Wonderland Annual that will be continuing in the near future with a family moving into a house infected by madness. A house that goes by the name of Wonderland. Zenescope wants you to take a peek at the book, and have published a few of the interiors for your perusal. The mirror to Wonderland sits in the basement of this house formerly home to the Liddles. Things went south on them and the remnants of that madness still linger in the home, eagerly awaiting the next family to move in. The story was created by Raven Gregory, Ralph Tedesco & Joe Brusha and is written by Dan Wickline, with art by Dave Hooker. Check out the interiors below. Unless you're scared of ruthless metal snakes. There's plenty of those.