Writers confirm Venom spinoff movie

That was a pretty poorly kept secret. Zombieland writers Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese recently told Sci Fi Wire that yes, they have been contracted by Sony to write a Venom movie. "We had a really great relationship with Sony on [Zombieland], and so that was a nice in for us there," Reese said in a group interview. "It gave us a leg up." The pair is hard at work on the script, which is expected to be kept under extreme lock and key. It's referred to as "super secret" by Wernick. But the good news is that the two of them are huge fans of Venom, and really want to do this movie right. "We read [Venom] growing up, but we were not experts," Reese said. "We certainly know the mythology of Venom, but went back and learned more when it became clear that we could actually get this job." This movie could go one of two ways: bomb or bust (can't all movies go either route?). I think it depends on whether or not Tobey Maguire comes on as Spider-man, because you CANNOT have a Venom movie where it's just Venom terrorizing New York City while Spider-man is off on vacation. That just won't work. No Spider-man might work if it were Venom vs. Carnage, but I'd still have a hard time believing that Spider-man wouldn't show up at least once in that fight. This is the problem with these spinoff villian movies (Magneto will face the same problem no doubt): they're only as strong as the heroes that fight them. Sure, Venom is badass, but part of that comes from seeing him antagonize Spider-man. The same goes for Sabretooth...you couldn't do a movie without Wolverine (and further Hugh Jackman as Wolvie). If Maguire isn't written in as Spidey, well then I'm sure this movie will go the bust route, no matter how true to the source material the writers are. And this Venom better be a behemoth as well. Not the thin Topher Grace variety. Writers confirm Venom spinoff movie