X-Men Origins: Beak

Real Name: Barnell Bohusk Alias: The Beak and Blackwing Powers: Beak was a mutant whose bones were light and hollow. His arms had begun to grow feathers, which when fully formed, may have allowed him to fly. He could glide and fly for short distances with great effort. Beak also had enhanced eyesight along with talons on his hands and feet. Even though Beak had bird-like qualities, it was extremely difficult for him to fly. He is now depowered as a result of Scarlet Witch. First Appearance: New X-Men #117 Background: Born in Cheverly, Maryland to a normal family, Barnell lived a normal life until his mutation manifested itself, causing him to turn into the bird-looking creature in the picture above. He eventually found himself at Xavier’s Institute for the Gifted to help him improve his flying and abilities. With his mutation taking on a more noticeable form he befriended Beast, whose powers also made him stand out since he is covered in blue fur, and become the mentor for young Barnell. Eventually Beak betrayed Beast and nearly beat him to death with a titanium baseball, which he intended to give Beast as a gift for helping him, but instead used it while being mind controlled by Cassandra Nova in Professor Xavier’s body. After this incident Beast does recover and Beak never forgives himself (even though Beast does) for the attack. Beak does not amount to not all that much as a mutant, and eventually after the Scarlett Witch reality warp Beak loses his mutant powers are reverts to being a normal human and no longer looking like a bird. After losing his powers Barnell becomes a member of the New Warriors under the guise of Blackwing. He creates a suit that gives him flight capabilities and the ability to shoot energy blasts. It is here where Barnell is as of late in the Marvel Universe. Be sure to check out the profiles of the other mutants in the film: Agent Zero Blob Cyclops Deadpool Gambit Sabretooth Silver Fox White Queen William Stryker Wolverine