X-Men Origins: Cyclops

No, you didn't misread that title. Every Thursday up until the May 1 release of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Omnicomic will be profiling the mutants in the film. So sit back and get yourself up to speed on some of the lesser known characters. Gotham City Dossiers will return in a few weeks, so in the meantime you're on your own for finding cool indie comics (I'm sure you'll manage). Real Name: Scott Summers Powers: possesses the mutant ability to project a beam of heatless ruby-colored concussive force from his eyes, which act as inter-dimensional apertures between this universe and another. Cyclops' body constantly absorbs ambient energy, such as sunlight, from his environment into his body's cells that allows him to open the apertures. Cyclops' mind generates a psionic field that is attuned to the forces that maintain the apertures. Because this field envelops his body, it automatically shunts the other-dimensional particles back into their point of origin when they collide with his body. Thus, his body is protected from the effects of the particles, and even the thin membranes of his eyelids are sufficient to block the emission of energy. The synthetic ruby quartz crystal used to fashion the lenses of Cyclops' eyewear is resonant to his minds' psionic field and is similarly protected. First Appearance: X-Men #1 (1963) Background: Cyclops has an assorted past throughout the Marvel Universe. Born in Alaska, Scott and his brother Alex (aka Havoc) were orphaned at a young age when the plane they were flying in with their parents was attacked by agents of the Shi’ar Empire, and they survived by being put into the only parachute. After being found, the two boys were separated by the authorities and Scott ended up in an orphanage secretly ran by Mister Sinister. Eventually, Scott came into contact with Professor Charles Xavier who searched out for him because he wanted to help teach the young boy to control his abilities. Thus Scott became the first member of the X-Men and become its de facto leader, while also assisting Professor Xavier in finding and teaching more mutants. This is where Scott meets Jean Gray, a powerful psychic. A love blossoms between the two of them over the course of their time with the X-Men. It was here where Scott meets Wolverine, who begins a daily back and forth battle with him for Jean Grey. Even though Scott and Jean were together, Wolverine constantly tested their relationship and pushed Cyclops about the direction of the X-Men. After the Phoenix saga when everyone thought Jean Grey was dead, Cyclops left the X-Men to find himself and what he had worth living for. Eventually he rejoins the X-Men and falls back in the role of leading the team, which is a good thing because they start to have one enemy after another to fight. One such fight was against Apocalypse on one of his "destroying the world" benders. After numerous stints with the X-Men and then with other groups (Cyclops bounced around from team to team) he returns to the X-Men in the end to lead the team and also become co-headmaster of the Professor Xavier’s School for the Gifted. It is here where he finds himself as of late in the Marvel Universe. Be sure to check out the profiles of the other mutants in the film: Agent Zero Beak Blob Deadpool Gambit Sabretooth Silver Fox White Queen William Stryker Wolverine