X-Men Origins: Sabretooth

Real Name: Victor Creed (possibly) Aliases: Slasher, El Tigre, Der Schlachter (“The Butcher” in German) First appearance: Iron Fist # 14 (1977) (I know, right!? Weird!) Powers: A lot. Born a mutant, Sabretooth possess a healing factor on par with Wolverine's. He heals from even the most brutal injuries in a matter of seconds. In addition, this healing factor makes him relatively immune to disease and slows his aging process considerably (making it difficult to ascertain his exact age and the chronological events of his life). Sabretooth has an enhanced sense of smell, vision, and hearing- even taste. He can use these senses to “track” targets, even under adverse conditions (he can see in the dark, for example). Sabretooth’s agility and reflexes exceed normal human capacities. In addition, his strength is superhuman. Over time, Sabretooth has been involved with a number of organizations or individuals who have tampered with his genetic structure. The most lasting change of this manipulation has been to increase his strength substantially- while in his original appearances he could crush iron weights with ease, nowadays it might not be out of Sabretooth’s capacity to lift a car and throw it, if he exerts himself. Sabretooth has retractable claws on the tips of his fingers. These are sharp enough to tear through flesh and bone with ease, which Creed’s victims can (or would) attest to. Recently, Sabretooth’s dealings with the latest incarnation of the Weapon X program has resulted in the bonding of adamantium alloy to his bones and claws- making him Logan’s match in almost every way. Background: Creed’s past is an even bigger mystery than his long-time rival Wolverine’s. He was likely the son of an abusive, bigoted man who feared the feral tendencies that emerged in Victor at the time his mutation became apparent. It’s possible that at some point Creed and Logan were actually friends. This friendship ended abruptly, however, with Sabretooth’s envy for Logan’s good luck with women driving him to brutally rape and murder Logan’s love-interest Silver Fox (see past post). At another point in Creed’s life, he became an operative for the Weapon X program- apparently serving alongside his old foe. During Victor’s tenure with Weapon X, he was the subject of many experimentations- possibly including memory manipulation. It’s unclear how much of their history Creed and Logan were aware of at the time that they worked together as covert operatives for the program. On the other hand, it’s even possible that Sabretooth and Wolverine’s past history is a fabrication- a memory implant. Regardless, Sabretooth’s psychopathic, conscienceless tendencies and get-the-job-done attitude made him an ideal candidate for messy, bloody military/mercenary services. Not long after Creed mastered the military skills Weapon X trained him in, Sabretooth began to show signs of ambition towards selling his “services” on an open market. Among the contacts he made in the field was a mysterious mutant-soldier of fortune who went by the alias Leni Zauber, aka Mystique. At some point, Mystique and Sabretooth got it on- although there was little romance between them. More likely, Mystique intended to use Creed to breed- hoping their genetics would produce a powerful candidate for the Brotherhood or simply a powerful child that could assist her in pursuing her own agendas. The end result was a child that was completely human. Mystique abandoned the kid not long after. And that baby grew up to be? Graydon Creed: long-time anti-mutant crusader. It kind of gives you a new perspective on the guy, right? I mean, you might hate mutants too if your father was a two-hundred pounds of muscle predator with razor sharp claws and a penchant for tearing people open. Just a thought. Sabretooth’s resume of contacts in the Marvel underworld is loooonnnnggg and stretches from criminal organizations like the Hellfire Club and long-time heroes-for-hire villain and international crime lord Montenegro to the enigmatic Apocalypse himself. Most notably, however, Sabretooth served on Mr. Sinister’s mutant genetic-cleansing strike team, the Marauders. The Marauders frequently clashed with the X-Men, and among their most heinous acts was the slaughter of a large portion of the Morlocks living peacefully under the streets of New York- simply to “wean” some of the “excess” from the genetic pool. That is, Sinister decided that these mutants contributed nothing to the evolution of the mutant race- they had to go, or they’d clutter up “mutanity’s” DNA. The plot twist that snapped the heart of every female X-Men reader of the late nineties in half was this: lady-killer, thief-with-a-heart-of-gold, and long-time X-man Gambit helped Sinister do it. In fact, Gambit even brokered the deal that put Sabretooth on Sinister’s payroll (Gambit knew little about the X-men at the time...still- NOT OKAY). Sabretooth has worked with the X-Men and even Wolverine himself, when it met his needs. He has never -ever- shown a single ounce of remorse for his life. A textbook sociopath, Creed takes advantage of anybody who shows an ounce of empathy for him. Any attempt by Charles Xavier or others to rehabilitate the man have met with little to no success. Others like Wolverine and even -surprisingly- the gentlemanly Beast don’t believe Sabretooth deserves rehabilitation. Creed is obsessed with Logan and will do anything (and kill anyone) to get at him. While Creed is a killer-for-hire, he’s also just a killer; he gets off on it. Most of the time, there’s no “angle” to his vendetta with Wolverine, just bizarre, unresolved childhood rage. Nobody pushes Wolverine’s buttons like Sabretooth does, because he so openly is all of the things Wolverine is fighting NOT to be. Be sure to check out the profiles of the other mutants in the film: Agent Zero Beak Blob Cyclops Deadpool Gambit Silver Fox White Queen William Stryker Wolverine