X-Men Origins: William Stryker

Powers: Currently, one of Stryker’s arms is artificial. The artificial arm is actually one of the Nimrod Sentinel’s robotic arms- the same Sentinel that traveled into the past to hunt down Rachel Summers (Scott Summers’ and Jean Grey’s daughter in an alternate future in which mutants live in concentration camps and most of humanity lives in a Sentinel-patrolled police state). Styker’s arm is a product of his resurrection with a technoorganic virus at the hands of Bastion- who, to keep a long story short, is a human hybrid of Nimrod and Master Mold (I like to compare Master Mold to “SKYNET” from Terminator- a Sentinel designed to create Sentinels). Stryker has had a psionic dampener implanted into his brain, rendering him invulnerable to telepathic scans and attacks. First Appearance- X-Men: God Loves, Man Kills #1 (1982). Background: Stryker’s depiction in Marvel comics is somewhat different than his characterization in X2, although close parallels exist between the two. In the mainstream Marvel continuity, Stryker was originally introduced as a discharged and disgraced military officer who had become a popular television evangelist. Stryker murdered his wife and child during a car trip through a Nevada dessert. He was never found guilty for the crime although a military tribunal, strongly suspecting Stryker committed the atrocity, discharged him. The motivation for the killings? Stryker’s son was born a mutant. Convinced that Satan had sent a “plague” of mutants to destroy humanity and that his wife had become a conduit for “evil,” Stryker strangled his own infant newborn and the woman he had spent his life with. One sick puppy, right? After leaving the military, “Reverend” Stryker began to collect a cult-like following around him, preaching fierce anti-mutant propaganda. In fact, William even trained a small group of trusted “colleagues” into a paramilitary strike team, called the “Purifiers.” In between sermons, Stryker and his “soliders” would track down mutants and commit hate crimes against anything “unclean” or “ungodly.” At one point, Stryker became determined to hunt down and destroy the X-Men. After learning that Charles Xavier was actually the team’s benefactor, Stryker arranged to have him kidnapped. In addition, Stryker attempted to use technology that would harness Xavier’s psionic powers into a killing force that would telepathically lobotomize every mutant on the planet. The X-Men stopped him, partly through a surprising alliance with Magneto (all of this is roughly equivalent to the plot of X2, mind you). Stryker’s military past is sketchy. It’s possible he was involved with the Weapon X program- or it’s possible that his detest for mutants motivated him to search out materials and technology used by the program in the past. How closely involved with Weapon X and the experimentation the program implemented on mutants like Wolverine, is unknown. Stryker does seem informed about the program’s existence and past methods, however. Stryker has been romantically linked with Lady Deathstrike, A.K.A. Yuriko Oyama. In the comics, Deathstrike is a cybernetically enhanced mutant hunter whose father developed the process by which Adamantium can be bonded to an individual’s bones. Yuriko’s father did not seem to be involved with Weapon X directly- consequently, she carries a deep-seeded hatred for Wolverine, seeing him as a walking “copyright infringement” on her father’s work. It’s unknown when the two became romantically involved- but her link with Stryker may implicate that the man’s past involves Wolverine’s origin. Following Decimation, Stryker has begun to vocally rally for mutant genocide, decrying that God has “begun” what humanity must “finish.” Stryker is responsible for the deaths of MANY depowered students of the Xavier institute. A young student named Josh Foley (also goes by “Elixer”) killed Stryker in a fit of rage. Recently, however, Stryker was resurrected by Bastion to form a new incarnation of “Purifiers.” Be sure to check out the profiles of the other mutants in the film: Agent Zero Beak Blob Cyclops Deadpool Gambit Sabretooth Silver Fox White Queen Wolverine