X-Men Origins: Wolverine rated PG-13

IESB has gotten their hands on the final one-sheet for X-Men Origins: Wolverine. It's really nothing too crazy or unexpected, but the sheet does show that the film is rated PG-13 (as of a few days ago it was still listed as not being rated). What does this mean? 20th Century Fox is no doubt hoping that the film will skew towards the Rated "R" end of PG-13, much like The Dark Knight did. Granted, this film will be nowhere near as dark, but it's definitely going to be violent. At least more so than Iron Man was. You can't really do a Wolverine movie without Wolvie gutting a few people along the way. From early looks at the game, Wolverine certainly has no problem eviscerating his fair share of soldiers and the game received the "M" rating for mature gamers. Hopefully there won't be too much disconnect between the violence in the movie and game. If they've watered down the movie too much for the lure of greater profits that come with the PG-13 rating, there's going to be a massive backlash.


  1. which this might make it suck being only pg-13 just like the new terminator movie is only PG-13 as it all boils down to money and not making the quality picture that the fans deserve.


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