X-Men Origins: Wolverine to have multiple endings

Iron Man had Nick Fury. The Incredible Hulk had Tony Stark. Even X3 had Professor X interacting with Moira McTaggert. Point? Marvel is no stranger to secret endings after the credits. So why would X-Men Origins: Wolverine be the exception? Slight possible spoilers ahead. Sci Fi Wire reports that the film will have at least two secret, different endings. Director Gavin Hood wouldn't elaborate on who would get what ending, but he did say that one of them will center around Deadpool, possibly leaving a door open for his own movie. Which makes sense, because his character already has a fervent following and I have no doubt in my mind that Ryan Reynolds will only fuel that fervor. Hood also mentioned the differences between the final, theatrical version of the film and the leaked version that hit the internets a few weeks ago. Some 400 unfinished effects shots have been completed, Harry Gregson-Williams' score have been added, and the entire film is properly color-timed. I'm really not sure if color-timing is going to have that great an effect on the actual story, but I'll play along. So yeah. I'm still psyched for the movie, but my excitement has definitely been tempered somewhat by the buzz surrounding the leaked print. All reports I've read indicate that it's good, but not great. So at least it has that going for it. In any case, it's Wolverine on the big screen in his own film. Brace yourself for nearly two and half hours of snkkt-ing. X-Men Origins: Wolverine to have multiple endings


  1. Hope this means the Deadpool movie is definitely happening and we get the sequel with Wolverine in Japan!

  2. Yeah from everything I've read Deadpool isn't really done justice in this film, so here's to your thoughts.

    Please, please, PLEASE make a Deadpool movie with Ryan Reynolds in it that doesn't suck.


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