Bankshot Comics offering a free Dose

Have you been getting your daily dose of comics lately? I'm sure you have. But is it that dose. Or should I say, Dose? The work from Bankshot Comics is being made available for free in it's entirety. Each day Brendan McGinley and Co. will debut another page from the work at their website It's definitely of the more humorous variety, so know that if you do start reading it you'll be pleasantly amused. The company is also giving readers the chance to get a free copy of Dose. All it requires is your loquacious demeanor in telling ten friends about some of the other Bankshot titles (Heist, Hannibal Goes to Rome or Invisible, Inc.. Just use the "ShareThis" button at the bottom of each work to invite others to read, and CC on the email with you mailing address. Full press release after the jump. Bankshot Comics offers a free Dose Bankshot Comics will release the humor anthology DOSE in its entirety, one page a day. Debuting one page a day on the publisher’s website, DOSE will also be available for order. Readers can also get a free copy of DOSE by inviting ten friends to read one of the Bankshot titles: Dose, Heist, Hannibal Goes to Rome or Invisible, Inc. Simply use the ShareThis button at the bottom of each entry to invite others to read. Make sure to CC on the email with your mailing address. Interviews and exclusive material are available. DOSE updates Wednesday through Sunday at