Deadpool spinoff a go

Not really much of a surprise, but The Hollywood Reporter has it on good authority that 20th Century Fox has greenlit a Deadpool spinoff film. The film is currently in development but one thing is for sure: Ryan Reynolds will be returning to play the Merc with the Mouth. The film is currently out to writers, and early indications demonstrate that it will be an "origins" film for Deadpool. This was pretty much expected, considering they brought Reynolds back to film the secret scene at the end of the movie (they really needed him to come back just to "shh" at the camera?). And it's somewhat telling in that we can no doubt expect a Wolverine sequel as well, focusing on his time in Japan. The writers just have to figure out how they get out of the mess they put themselves in with the abomination that was Weapon XI in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. My solution (as I mentioned in my review) is just to make him a clone. Sure, the spinoff may be an origin story and you can just say that he's never gotten to that point in his life yet. But with continuity moviegoers are going to see this spinoff, think Deadpool is awesome (hopefully) and then be disappointed because in their minds he becomes an idiot amalgamation of powers in the end. I would plead with Fox not to screw this up, but if you can't even do a Wolverine movie right well then I'm not really sure I have much faith in this one. That being said, if they just let Reynolds wisecrack the entire movie I think we'll be alright. Deadpool spinoff a go