Defense with the BoomPick

Looks like Tuesday has hit us again quite quickly this week, and this Tuesday is the week after X-Men Origins: Wolverine came out to mixed reviews. Although that is not what I am here to talk about today, as I am merely bringing at you my pick of the week from the new arrivals. Looking at the list it was a tough choice to choose just one, as I know I am picking up at least three (if not four) different issues. So here it is my pick of the week is Marvel Zombies #2. In this second issue new players are introduced who want to get their hands on the undead Deadpool head (coincidence?) and undead Morbeus so they can harness the zombie strain. The Hood is trying to wipe out all the superheroes once and for all, but the Midnight Sons are the only thing standing in his way of accomplishing this goal. Can they stop him or will another world of superheroes be destroyed and consumed by the zombie plague? Only by picking up this issue can you know, so go get it and enjoy.