Defense with the BoomPick

You know what time it is don’t you? Well if you don't then I'll tell you. Tuesday. That means the day before new comic book day and I'm bringing to you my pick of the new comics. Took a look at the list and I think this pick is going be a good one. My pick of the week is from Rude Dude Productions and it is called Nexus: Origin Remastered. This double-sized, definitive issue remains as cutting edge and relevant today as it did in the days of its release in 1991. This new release includes 8 exclusive bonus pages featuring unseen material by Steve Rude, as well as an all-new, fully-painted cover. If you didn’t get a chance to pick this up back in the day (like me since I was only 8 years old when it first came out), here's a second chance to go get this and enjoy.