Defense with the BoomStick

Quick to the wall. TO THE WALL!!! Hey everybody this is Brandon here and I'll be back in a bit. Got a wave of zombies at my compound wall to take care of.

Whew. Ok I'm back. Sorry for the half-hour delay on that but more just keep coming and coming. I even had to make a few more molotovs as one of my flamethrowers ran out of fuel. So I am back now as I've got others doing the cleanup so I can bring to you the tip of the week and a bit of news. Not too much news going on this past week except that the safe zones in the midwest are getting bit bigger. Also, the northern Canadian areas are getting safer as the zombies can’t survive the extreme cold so bundle up if you heading that way. Now to the business at hand: the tip of the week.

I am gonna talk about specific terrain knowledge and how to get through a certain one safely, as well as the best ways to fight in them if you are clearing one out. I am gonna talk about wooded areas, as most of the eastern seaboard has woods as well as much of the northern part of the midwest and pacific coast. It's quite dangerous going through these areas as you do not have a lot of visibility because of the thick woods. You have to make sure to use everything you can to your advantage to survive this place.

If you are on the run and traveling through a wooded area make sure to keep an ever vigilant eye all around you while also using the sounds of the forest to aid you. As all animals run from the undead, if you ever encounter an area that is devoid of animal life be careful and try to get past it as quickly as possible. Also since you are in a forest most of the time the ground is littered with leaves, twigs and all manners of brush that you can hear a zombie shuffling through to alert you to their presence.

This works the same for them however, as a zombie hears noise and heads towards it until it finds the source or something else distracts it. If you are going through a wooded area to clear it out near your stronghold then make sure you are in a group and form a kill line. This is where you keep each other in sights at all times and just move through the woods at a good slow pace, sweeping out any zombies that come your way. What helps as well is if you have dogs with you to help herd zombies to you. If you do have dogs then you can remain on the outskirts of the woods and have dogs go through and lure them to you. Just make sure you have a good escape plan ready in case you need it.

There is another method you can use, although I do not recommend it unless in dire need to do so. Simply set up a tree stand and basically snipe zombies from there. You just have to make sure two things first. One is that you are well concealed so that you can shoot them without them ever knowing where you are. Two, if you are spotted then you will have every zombie in the area surrounding your tree and then you are stuck so make sure you have an escape plan. There you have it for now. I have to get back to see if the cleanup is done and get new watches out there to make sure no more zombies show up. So until next week this is Brandon signing off. Remember to keep fighting and keep surviving.