Defense with the BoomStick

Hello out there in radioland. If you are receiving this then that means you have some sort of electricity and/or a portable radio. Hopefully, whereever you are listening to my transmission you are in a safe place. This is Brandon here bringing you all the things you need to know to stay alive and keep on surviving, also to help take out some of those undead bastards as you go along. Looking like this past week was not too exciting around here except for the huge wave I had last Monday, but got a lot of those bastards too so it all worked out. On to the news now.

It seems that I heard some traffic a few days ago about the government starting to mobilize and organize a stand at some area in the country. Hopefully it will not be another debacle like that last huge military attack they did in South Carolina that ended horribly for everyone there. It was basically a massacre and they ended up bombing everything, even with a few men left on the ground. What I have heard is that they intended to regroup and mass a front down in New Mexico since the terrain is mostly flat and there's plenty of space.

So if you are down in that region you might be able to get into their safe zone, but if not stay away as they are trying to lure zombies there to kill them. If you are in that path keep silent and out of sight. Now onto the tip of the week. Thinking about the news I just went over, I figure my tip will go along with that theme. For anyone in a desert landscape (or even for the military if you are listening) then this tip goes out for you. The desert is one of the toughest and deadliest terrains to survive in, let alone fight in. The flat dry terrain does offer you a great visibility and allows you the use of long range rifles to kill zombies, so that means they can never get close enough to you. The flipside is that with the greater visibility the zombie can see you from a lot further away then you can. You might be shooting a few zombies here and there, but then on the horizon a wall of them could appear. As with any zombie scenario, make sure you have an escape plan.

Always keep a scout looking all around you as zombies could come at you from all angles in the desert. In addition to having a good line of fire make sure that you stay hydrated and keep a watch out for fatigue, as the heat can just drain you and suck you dry. Your shots will start to miss, at which point you are just wasting ammo. Now to cover if you are traveling through the desert, which is the same for most other terrains in a sense. You always need to make sure that you keep your eyes roaming the land around you for zombies, and be on the lookout for any crawlers or disabled zombies that are on the ground. It is safer to move at night than in the sun as you won’t get heat stroke as easily and will contain moisture better. It is harder to see zombies when traveling at night though and if you are traveling with lights shining everywhere then that will draw all the zombies to you.

It is best to travel in a vehicle of some sorts, as the wide open space give you no way to get trapped in a big vehicle as you would in a suburban setting. This allows you to travel faster and bit safer since you have something to sleep in. Just make sure you keep someone on watch detail so that if you have to move to get away from zombies. You can find water in certain places and plants, so just be on the lookout as it really helps if you have a guide who knows the desert and how to survive there with you to up your chance of surviving. There you have it. Broadcast done and news and tip covered for you fine folks out there. Remember to keep your wits and skills about you and we will win this war. Because this is no regular war that we are fighting, but one of attrition as they will outlast us if we don’t kill all of them first. So keep fighting and keep surviving and we will win. This is Brandon signing off.