Defense with the BoomStick

Man this day has just dragged know what I'm saying? Wait what? I'm on the air? Crap. Hey out there listening in to my broadcast. Sorry about that. Like I said it's been a long morning.

Let me think. Haven't heard much news this past week as the chatter has been light over the airwaves. Or at least none of the things I have heard are good at all. Actually a few outposts have fallen so be careful out there. Guess now onto the tip of the week. Really I am just not sure what to say here. I mean, I've been giving advice now for a long time now. I Figure that I've covered a lot, but this ever-changing age of fighting an enemy that never tires, never stops and only reason for being is to consume us kind of drags on a person. So really my tip for this week is more of a mental thing. Something that doesn’t necessarily help you get through an area or build fortifications, but helps you survive the mental stress that we face every day.
Because sometimes you just need to take a minute out of your day to just sit and not think about the zombies, not think about how much supplies you have or where you are heading and just assess yourself and take a minute for you. With a constant threat trying to kill you and having to stay alert 24/7, it's difficult to do if you allow yourself to get burned out and that is how you end up dead. So when you are able to, whether it be sitting up in a tree hiding or behind your wall or fortifications, just sit and ponder life and allow yourself to think of happy moments that you have had.

This will allow you a great mental boost and improve your morale, and if you are in a group anything you can do to alleviate the tension and make someone smile will help. Because not just zombies can destroy a group, but distrust and frustration can as well if you are all constantly on the move and never taking a moment. This sort of moment is as important as sleep and food and also killing zombies, because without a strong mental state you forget what you are doing this for and that is to win the war and reclaim our planet. Helping the survival of the human race is the job of all of us fighting and surviving. So remember to do what you can and keep surviving and keep fighting. This is Brandon signing off to go take a moment and regroup myself and keep on fighting. Till next week…..