Defense with the BoomStick

Today is a good day. You know why today is a good day? Well if you can remember from before this war started that today is Memorial Day. A day to remember all the outstanding people that we have lost to past wars, who gave their lives to insure our way of life and keep us safe. This day still holds true even with recent events in mind, but now it is more of a global day of remembrance as we have all lost someone fighting this zombie war. So today I want everyone to take a moment to remember the fallen and the ones we have lost to keep us alive and continue this fight till we win. No tip for today but to do what you can to honor those memories and those heroes. Keep fighting and keep surviving and we will win for the ones we have lost. Oh, and if you happen to have a grill available and some meat you've been saving, now's the time to cook it. Brandon Out.