Dr. Manhattan will friend you on Facebook

Watchmen was a great disappointment. There. I said it. Zack Snyder did his best to stick true to the source material, however his reverence made the movie wooden and with no life of its own. It rang up about $182 million in sales, but Warner Brothers hopes (and expects) it to do much better on DVD/Blu-ray/Digital release. To ensure that, they're adding Facebook connectivity to the movie. Set to be released either July 21 or July 28 (with Comic Con smack dab in the middle there), WB will be including the ability to watch the Blu-ray version of the film with your friends on Facebook. According to The Hollywood Reporter, fans will be able to watch the film and comment about it while logged into Facebook, a partnership that is a first when it comes to movies. "We want to do this partnership with Facebook because research has shown that consumers want to have social networking capabilities with BD-Live," WHV vp worldwide high definition Kris Brown said. "Previously, those possibilities have been limited to your friends within BD-Live and the general BD-Live community." I'm glad to see that the company just flat out says it's because of market research that they're doing this. This isn't the first time the WB has gotten aboard the social networking train. The December release of The Dark Knight on Blu-ray gave 50,000 fans the opportunity to watch the film via BD-Live with Christopher Nolan, partaking in his running commentary. The Blu-ray version will also feature "Maximum Movie Mode," which will split the screen so you see the film on one side and Snyder's commentary on the other. The feature is vaguely reminscent of the "Green Screen" feature of 300 where the image was split and on one side you saw the movie, while the other you saw the green screen action. I suppose that with a film like this you can't expect to pay normal price. The DVD will set you back a whopping $28.98, while the Blu-ray will cost a somewhat more reasonable (considering the technology) $35.99. It will debut across all platforms on day 1, including On Demand pay-per-view availability through digital cable, satellite TV, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. If you're watching it on PPV then you're getting the theatrical version. iTunes and Amazon viewers will get the "Watchmen Director's Cut." Dr. Manhattan will friend you on Facebook