Gotham City Dossiers: Tribe Studio Comics

Tribes are a thing of the past. An almost antiquated relic of days before the entire planet was completely mapped out and explored. In those days, you really weren't safe unless you were part of some sort of tribe, and that even holds true today (just not necessarily in that form). So it makes sense that as a comic book publisher you would want to name yourself Tribe Studio, because the bonds inherent in that word implies that you would have some strong books for fans to check out. Books such as Alice in Mobland. Alice in Mobland is about Alice Heart's return to the city. She returns after a yearlong absence and connects with Harry, a scarecrow that is a snitch. Intriguing. Harry tells her that things for the most part were as she left them, however recently things have taken a turn for craziness. You're probably wondering why a studio not named Zenescope is doing anything Alice in Wonderland related, and all I could say is that I believe the property is public domain. Hot Dog Man is about the life and times of Oscar Frank. He's banked enough money that he can happily retire, but that's all about to change because his son was kidnapped. Which means he has to kick some ass and take some names to get him back. Yeti is about a young boy that ends up cursed after stealing an artifact from visiting Shaman. His father is convinced that he is dead from the explosion as a result of the theft and vows revenge on the one that took his son's life. I'm going to be honest and say that the website leaves much to be desired in terms of design and usability. But you're heading there for the content and not the layout, so poke around and check some stuff out. There are a few books that look somewhat intriguing. Tribe Studio Comics