The Green Hornet gets new life in comic

Ever hear of a TV show called The Green Hornet? Well in this day and age I am sure you have heard that Seth Rogen is going to be the new Green Hornet in the movie set to come out next year, but before him there was a TV show and even before that a radio show featuring this masked superhero. The Green Hornet was originally created by George W. Trendle for an American radio program in the 1930s. There have been a few incarnations of the Green Hornet, but the one that most seemed to settle on was the Britt Reid version. Reid was your typical journalist-by-day and hero-by-night with a sidekick (Kato) and souped up car called Black Beauty. Kato is probably most recognized because of his portrayal by Bruce Lee before his death. Well now you are in for another treat as Dynamite Comics is bringing the Green Hornet to life again in comic book form. They have been trying to get the license to this for a little over four years and they finally have it, and are bringing back the Green Hornet while keeping it true to the mantra. Dynamite Comics doesn't have any writers yet but are fervently working on that and hoping to get it out as soon as possible. Dynamite Comics is known for taking older heroes such as the Lone Ranger and Buck Rogers and giving them new life in this modern age. I am a huge fan of their work as they have spectacular writing and incredible artistic renderings that jump off the page at you. Keep your eyes out for this little gem of a comic to hit your local comic book store and also keep reading here to find out more. The Green Hornet gets new life in comic


  1. supposedly, the lone ranger was britt reid/green hornet's distant relative...


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