ICv2 Mobile Comics Directory

Print is a dying medium. There. I said it. News industries are losing more and more money daily as advertising revenues dry up and more people turn to the Internet for their daily hit of information. Comics is turning to this trend as well, with webcomics becoming all the rage. But what about mobile comics? That little device you use to make phone calls on most likely has some capability for perusing comics. Problem is, what comics are there available for your phone? Enter ICv2. The folks over there have put together a handy list of what publishers currently have what comics in mobile format. The list is pretty small right now, but one can only imagine that it will continue to grow as more and more publishers realize that comics on the go are a viable option. Check the full list after the jump to find out what's currently out there. Dark Horse Comics Terminator: Death Valley DC Comics Batman Black and White Motion Comics Superman Red Son Motion Comics Watchmen Motion Comics Genus Apps Contract with God Kong Prince of Baghdad Zombies vs. Robots Gocomics by Uclick Also available from: http://www.gocomics.com/explore/app_store The Argyle Sweater Basic Instructions Bone Dramacon Elephantmen Garfield Minus Garfield Ghostbusters Godland Grounded Guilstein Halo & Sprocket The Hardy Boys Magic Eye Nancy Drew Ninjatown Pibgorn Reality Check Screamland The Thief of Always TMNT Souls Winter Tales of the TMNT Vampire Hunter D We the Robots Xombie Reanimated iVerse Media Armor X Atomic Robo Chance of a Lifetime Consortium of Justice Doc Thunder Dynamo 5 Farscape Flash Gordon FX Gideon’s Trip Gold Digger Peebo Tales Ghost Whisperer Her Majesty’s Bulldog Brigade Hexed Igor: Movie Prequel Kaeru Boy Neozoic Oz: The Manga Proof Ray Harryhausen Presents Wrath of the Titans Red Star Return of Shadowhawk Star Trek Alien Spotlight Star Trek Archives Star Trek: Countdown Shadowhawk Wargod White Picket Fences Keenspot Abby’s Agency Accursed Dragon Lost and Found Marry Me Out There Passing Penny & Aggie Sebo Wandering Ones Zap Rok Comics Sold by subscription from: Rok Comics Andy Capp Annie Droid Beau Peep Dark Mists Garth Jeff Hawke Madd Science Mandy Robin Hood Roy of the Rovers Shades ICv2 Mobile Comics Directory