Image Comics Presents Descendant this July

What two comic book themes couldn’t go better together than superpowers and espionage? Well Image Comics is bringing you just that this summer with their creation of Descendant #1. From the collective minds of writers Michael Dolce and Marcus Perry (with illustrator Mariano Navarro) comes a new take on what it means to be not only a superpowered person but also a spy. This three-part story arc brings all the action that you enjoy while reading regular superpowered comic book heroes like Captain America and adds in an espionage factor (twist!) to create a compelling story with enough action and intrigue to satisfy a wide range of fans. The story focuses on Rayne Santiago, a United States counter-terrorism soldier forced to return to her South American homeland after years of exile due to abusing her own innate pyrokinetic abilities. She receives word of her brother's abduction by a rogue pharmaceutical conglomerate bent on using the family DNA to manufacture superpowers. Can she stop this company from creating an army of supervillains and save her brother or will it all end in chaos? You'll have to pick this up come July to find out. The first issue comes out July 15th for the price of $3.50, so make yourself a reminder and put it on your future list to pick it up, and be prepared for an exciting new take on superpowers. Image Comics Presents Descendant this July


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