Jessica Biel could still play Wonder Woman

In my mind, Jessica Biel is the perfect Wonder Woman. She's got the look, body and aura that would translate perfectly to the onscreen incarnation of the Amazon princess. Problem is, she was originally offered the role for the standalone Wonder Woman movie, as well as the Justice League film, but she turned the role down. Now, with Justice League still nowhere further along than it was two years ago, Warner Brothers has decided to restart the Wonder Woman movie process. That being said, would Biel consider the role now? In a word: yes. In an interview with MTV Splash Page, Biel says that she'd be open to the role, if it was written right. “If Wonder Woman had the right script and it was really powerful and emotional and interesting, I would be into that kind of thing.” “I feel that sometimes the character development gets thrown to the wayside in those movies, and I’m really interested in that kind of thing,” she said. “So if both the elements could be there—the physicality and a real developed character, whether it’s a Wonder Woman thing or a Justice League thing—I’m open to it.” You hear that WB? If you want to get quite possibly the ideal candidate for a nearly impossible role, make a movie for the character, as opposed to the fans. Don't try and make it appeal to mass audiences. Make it true to the character, and then you'll get Biel. And her kicking ass dressed as Wonder Woman will sell itself. Trust me. Jessica Biel could still play Wonder Woman