Juggernaut busts onto the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 scene

The first Marvel Ultimate Alliance was great, however I felt that it was sorely lacking in the brute mutant category. Sure, there was Hulk (and Joe Fixit and World War Hulk if you include his alternate costumes), and maybe even Venom and Colossus somewhat. But other than that, there were no real big bruisers in the game that could hit a mob of enemies like a freight train. Activision and Marvel have heard your pleas, and are making sure that that won't be a problem in the sequel. Juggernaut is in the house. Marvel recently announced that the other crimson-armored character will be making an appearance in the sequel as a playable character. There is a caveat though. In order to get the character, you have to preorder the game from Gamestop. First off, it sucks because to get him you have to go through Gamestop, the true denizens of everything unholy in the gaming industry. Secondly, this speaks to a broader issue in that Best Buy, Target and Wal-mart will all no doubtedly get their own unique characters. Which sucks for the consumer, because then you have to choose. I'm sure that at some point all will be made available as part of DLC. Or even Gamefaqs will have codes posted to unlock them. I just don't see why this makes any sense for Activision or Marvel. The game will sell regardless, so why do you have to screw the customer over and make them play favoritism with different stores. Sure, you create some buzz for Store X featuring Character Y. And I'll gladly rescind my statements if it turns out that only Gamestop is getting an exclusive character. But if not, we all have to suffer and choose which character we care most about, and then damn the fact that in all honesty the novelty of that character will probably wear off within the first few hours of playtime. Juggernaut busts onto the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 scene And as an added bonus, check out the below video showcasing some of the talent Deadpool will bring to the table. The best word to describe his montage is "badass." Update: It's quite possible that Marvel didn't intend to have the video up, as it currently seems to be experiencing problems. Stay tuned.