Katee Sackhoff the new Typhoid Mary?

First, let me caveat this with a massive "take this with a grain of salt" type thing. Golden Apple Comics, a comic book shop in Los Angeles recently had someone visit their store, who proceeded to buy all the Typhoid Mary comics they had. In a brief posting, the blog mentioned that Katee Sackhoff (of Battlestar Galactica fame) is hoping to get a part in a Marvel movie. Commence intrigue now. Now this could go one of a few ways. The first is that Sackhoff heard from someone that Marvel was looking for someone to play Typhoid Mary and wants to get ready for it if Marvel comes calling. Another way is a Dardevil reboot. Typhoid Mary is Daredevil's love (besides Elektra), and rumors have been floating that the character was slated to be the latest in a string of comic book movie reboots. A third more interesting notion was actually postulated by one of the commenters on the website. Commenter Monolith seems to think that Fox may be looking for Typhoid as a character in the Deadpool film. Such an idea would definitely be intriguing and at the very least set up what should be a no-holds barred acrobatics battle between the two. It would also be a great way to introduce the character to an audience that knows relatively little about her, but would see the Deadpool movie because of Ryan Reynolds. Or she could just really like Typhoid Mary. It could either way. Katee Sackhoff the new Typhoid Mary?