Kevin Smith returning to comics

It's hard to deny Kevin Smith's intensity as a fan of comics. I mean, everyone of his movies has some nod to comics or Star Wars, and his runs at DC have been pretty epic. His latest run, the three-part Batman: Cacophony, was met with critical acclaim. Apparently Smith heard your silent clap and, according to EW, decided to scratch the comic writing itch, as he's returning to writing comics for two new series. The first one reunites him with artist Walt Flanagan from Batman: Cacophony and is called The Widening Gyre. The twelve issue Batman mini-series will be split into two volumes (the split is to allow a six-month break in between). The comic will run monthly (barring the sabbatical in between), and after the last issue Smith will begin writing a bi-monthly solo series focusing a new character introduced. The other series he'll be writing is one that is gaining popularity as of late, and that is the Green Hornet. Essentially, the series will be Smith's vision of what the film will be before Seth Rogan gets his done. "It's the Hornet movie I'd make if I was making it today. And there's no better time to do that than before Seth Rogen and Michel Gondry's version defines the character for the mainstream. We haven't picked an interior artist yet, but we've got some stellar cover talent on board already: Alex Ross, John Cassaday, Jae Lee, and David Finch." That's some pretty big name talent on the Green Hornet front (although Flanagan is no slouch himself). That being said, the new Batman series will debut in August, with the Green Hornet series set to debut shortly thereafter. Kevin Smith returning to comics