New Superman film to be all about fighting

Scott Mednick isn't exactly a household name. Chances are though you've come across his work as executive producer for 300 and Superman Returns. He won't be involved with the "reboot" reboot, but he still has a valuable opinion about its possible direction. And in talking to MTV Splash Page, that direction involves more fighting. “In retrospect, hearing from audiences, watching reactions, and having the film get out there, the core fans wanted Superman to kick some serious butt. And we lost several of the villains when the island started to crumble and the large slab fell on them,” Mednick said of the one aspect of the film he would reconsider. “A lot of the fans wanted to have Superman just beat the crap out of them. So that’s an interesting, fan-based point of view, and you have to listen to those fans and try to weigh their wants, needs, and wishes are along with the storytelling.” This was definitely my biggest complaint about the film, was that it was too cerebral. It's kind of like DC and Warner Brothers saw how successful Batman Begins was in its take on Batman/Bruce Wayne. The thing is however, that Superman/Clark Kent isn't the same character. He doesn't have the same cerebral aspect to's more of an outsider aspect. What's more, Superman's powers inevitably end up with his strength and invincibility saving him time and again. And Superman Returns didn't really give him a battle to showcase that. Sure, he lifted an entire island into outer space, but there were really no brawls through the streets of Metropolis. It's kind of the same thing with Ang Lee's Hulk, in that Hulk didn't have a fight that capitalized on his unique powers (the Hulk reboot did however). So if the next Superman movie is Doomsday or Darkseid well, that would be awesome. New Superman film to be all about fighting