Red Sonja Vol. 5: World on Fire contest

Everyone loves a good contest, especially when that contest features a fiery redhead who will kick your ass for trying to hit on her. Dynamite Comics is running a contest featuring said fiery redhead, Red Sonja, where one grand prize winner will have bestowed upon them a hardcover copy of Red Sonja Vol. 5: World on Fire. What's it take to enter you ask? Just go to the website, enter your name and email and hit submit. The Internet certainly makes contests easy to enter (winning is a whole other thing however). Why should you care to enter you ask? The grand prize features issues #25-29 of the Red Sonja series, as well as a complete cover gallery. Writer Michael Avon Oeming has brought the battle back to Hyboria, where Sonja must face the growing power of Kulan Gath. Admittedly, this contest is really aimed at Red Sonja fans, so if you happen to count yourself among her devoted legions click the link below and enter before June 5. Red Sonja Vol. 5: World on Fire contest