The Rippers

A lot of comics these days seem to bring the drama to Earth. And with good reason, as we all live there and it's the planet we're the most familiar with. Occasionally however, a creator comes along and crafts a story deep within the bowels of space. The Ripper is one such story, created by Regine Sawyer. The description of story goes as follows (from Sawyer's own mouth): "Deep within the fathomless reach of outer space, the governing entity “The Intergalactic Confederated Alliance” (I.C.A), has ruled 18 neighboring galaxies for nearly a century. It’s origin of purpose? To protect their clusters from the notorious RAIDERS organization. In order to insure this, they created a division of Government regulated Bounty Hunters, commissioned to dismantle all factions of the matter what the cost..." So it appears that we have bounty hunters in space that are created for good but end up getting out of hand and rebelling. Hmm. I'm not going to say that this is completely original, but the art does look intriguing. Check out some pages from the first issue below, and keep an eye out for it in the coming weeks at a comic shop near you. Lockett Down Productions