Rob Liefeld on Deadpool

Fan reaction to Gavin Hood's vision of Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine has been tepid at best. Most feel that the "abomination" at the end of the film with retractable katanas was a little outlandish and even detracted from the movie a bit. Until now, no one bothered asking Rob Liefeld, the creator of Deadpool, what he thought of Deadpool in the movie. MTV Splash Page did, and turns out he was alright with it...for the most part. “I have a scale, with worst possible interpretation of a character being Halle Berry as Catwoman, to best possible interpretation of a character being Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, Ron Perlman as Hellboy, Patrick Stewart as Professor X, or Christian Bale as Batman,” Liefeld told MTV News. “I would put Deadpool, in this inception, much closer to the side where they got it right.” So Deadpool's creator himself chimed in and said that he thought Hood's interpretation was pretty spot on. So you really have no reason to be upset now see. He was even fine with Deadpool shooting beams out of his eyes. “When I created Deadpool, the entire backstory that was pitched was that he was the junk left over from a bad Weapon X experiment,” Liefeld explained. “When I look at the film, there’s no reason he can’t go and become that guy I created.” While having Liefeld's semi-approval is great, it still doesn't stop the fact that the movie ended with a neutered Deadpool. I mean, that's great that Liefeld originally pitched him that way, but most people seeing the film didn't know that. So when they saw Ryan Reynolds muted at the end with katanas extending from his hands, well, the first thought was "bullshit." Even more troubling is the news that Deadpool will be getting his own film, leaving the writers a pretty big hurdle to clear in setting up that movie. He can't very well go through the entire film muted with Cyclops-beams blasting from his eyes. Rob Liefeld on Deadpool