Sam Raimi spills it (sort of) on Spider-Man 4 villains

Unfortunately not in the way you think. In a recent interview with MTV Splash Page, Sam Raimi said that he knows which villains (I think we should assume by now it will be plural) writer David Lindsay-Abaire is including in the screenplay. But that doesn't mean he's going to stick with them. “I’m trying to, with the writer, find Peter Parker’s story primarily,” Raimi said of what factors will weigh on his selection of supervillains. “And find the right conflict for him to come up against. So that either he can grow as a human being and overcome this thing, or perish. It’s more about finding the villain that represents the best story for Peter.” Does this mean Spidey is going to be more cerebral? Well, if you think about it, Spider-Man/Peter Parker has always had that angst-ridden identity crisis thing going on. I don't feel that the Spider-Man cadre of villains react to Spider-Man in the same way as the Rogue's Gallery react to Batman. That being said, we've been seeing a lot of Dr. Connors in the first three films, so maybe we'll finally see the villain turn into Lizard. Raimi could also be on his horror kick and really go the Morbius route as has been rumored earlier. The whole statement "or perish" would lead me to believe that he will be facing a truly menacing villain that could quite possibly kill him. Of course, Green Goblin, Dr. Octopus, Venom or Sandman could have all killed him, but I never got the sense his life was in danger because of their approaches to villainy. Lizard would have that true savageness, while Morbius is a vampire and would have more of a killer instinct. As long as they don't make the story that Morbius bites Spider-Man, thus giving him Spider-Man powers that Peter has to overcome while finding a cure for vampirism. Both Morbius and Lizard were doctors that got their powers from the lab, so I could see the story making sense. Or, if we're really lucky, Venom isn't dead and makes a comeback. And we meet one Cletus Kasady and get what will quite possibly be one of the best comic book movies ever made in Maximum Carnage. It makes sense, especially considering Venom was basically a throwaway character in the third film. And those two together are really the only ones that will truly threaten Peter Parker's life and make him rethink quite a few things. Comic movies are all about the dark, mature themes these days, and I really couldn't see anything darker than Carnage killing Mary Jane while Peter Parker looks on. Sam Raimi spills it (sort of) on Spider-Man 4 villains