Smorgasbord of Bankshot Comics

Bankshot Comics wants your attention. I mean that in a good way because they have some good stuff over there for you to focus on and check out, all online for simplified perusing. What is there that you should pay attention? I'm glad you asked. Hannibal Goes to Rome currently features the man himself indulging in crushing Celts with his military genius. Below is a quick look at a page from this week's strip. With Heist, the villain Geist has successfully breached the superhero headquarters and is fervently trying to convince you, fellow reader, that villains really do have it better. Check out some panels below from the comic that won't actually hit the website for a few weeks. In Invisible, Inc., Special Agent Ben Randall discovers that he is in the middle of a firefight (not the hardest thing to realize I can imagine) that devastates Rockefeller Center. The comic is currently in production, but check out some panels below that won't hit until this summer. Above is the cover from the self-proclaimed "cutting edge of NYC fictional journalism." So head on over to Bankshot Comics and check out one of many good comics. And also be sure to check out my interviews with Bankshot mastermind Brendan McGinley about Heist and Hannibal Goes to Rome.