Starstruck returns to comics

Science fiction classics are great. They are often held hostage by the fears, knowledge and technology at the time, meaning you have a cheesy looking spaceship flying across screen with the fishing wire attached to it clearly visible. But that doesn't mean that they can't have great stories and even greater characters. One such story is Starstruck, a tale of lives and relationships from the Elaine Lee play by the same name. Essentially, the dark and hilarious tale focuses on kids of two powerful houses vying for dominance in a new universe. Think Romeo and Juliet meets Star Wars (or Spaceballs since there's humor involved). The 13-issue series will debut in August from IDW Publishing and will showcase the talent of Lee and feature art by Michael Kaluta. The books will be scanned from the original art and re-colored by Lee Moyer. Fans of Iain Banks, H.P. Lovecraft and Marion Zimmer Bradley might recognize his art in the books. The books will also feature an episode of Galactic Girl Guides from Lee and Kaluta, featuring an artwork assist by Charles Vess. Scott Dunbier, IDW's Starstruck editor, has high hopes for the work. "Starstruck is a classic work, and some of Michael's very finest art-it has been out of print for too long," said Scott Dunbier, IDW's Starstruck editor. "Our series will present Elaine and Michael's vision as never before. New readers will be astounded by it, while diehard fans will delight in seeing their old friend looking better than ever." Starstruck returns to comics