The Terminator: Death Valley #1 free

The latest Terminator movie, Terminator: Salvation, has pretty much come and gone. The reviews weren't too kind to it, and it's about to be lost in the impending sea of upcoming movies. Dark Horse is still pushing on with their Terminator kick however, and their latest offering on the iTunes Store has just gotten a little more delicious. See, Dark Horse has gotten on board with this "iPhone" contraption and have created a Dark Horse app for it that allows fans to check out Dark Horse comics on the go. Not only that, but the app is optimized for viewing, so no more pinching and expanding compressed PDFs to try and read a comic. To get you on board with their offering, Dark Horse is presenting the first in their series of Terminator comics, The Terminator: Death Valley #1, free of charge. There are currently four issues available for purchase on the iTunes store, and with the first one being free that means you only have to buy three if you're interested in the series. You can also check out the Terminator game available on iTunes as well, just to be sure that your iPhone is completely pimped out with Terminator media. I'm sure the first three films are available for purchase up there somewhere as well. The Terminator: Death Valley #1 free