Thor in 60 seconds

The Thor movie is gearing up with a full head of steam, however you might not be completely in the know about the character. Marvel has an excellent feature up that looks at Thor in 60 seconds. It's actually a really good primer explaining his powers, origins and some of the big events in his life. For example, did you know that Thor weighs 640 lbs and is 6'6" tall? And his real name is Thor Odinson (real original Marvel...Odinson...Odin Son). Click the link for more info, and use it as a primer for the film. There will be a quiz on Thor next week, so be sure you brush up on your notes. Thor in 60 seconds


  1. That's actually how they do last names in some northern Euro countries. A woman could be "Thor Odinsdottir"

  2. And here I thought it was just Marvel being clever!


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