Tim Gunn joins Iron Man

Of the plethora of ways that title could be read, I'm guessing you didn't come up with the one right way. That is, the crossover featuring Iron Man and Project Runway. In Models, INC. #1, Marvel seeks to begin what is surely a first in the industry: the successful crossover of comics and fashion. The four-issue miniseries protrays a Fashion Week gone horribly wrong. Written by Paul Tobin and illustrated by Vicenc Voillagrasa, the event typically full of glitz and glamour is instead full of murder. Of course, the only people around are models, which means beauties such as Patsy Walker, Mary Jane Watson and others must stop the carnage before more people are killed. But there's more! Tim Gunn, host of Project Runway will be featured in a special ten-pager written by Marc Sumerak. The story, titled "Loaded Gunn," features a display at the New York Museum of Fashion showcasing an exhibit of Iron Man's armor. Apparently a certain villain has issues with Tony Stark's tastes and crashes the event, leaving Iron Man to save the day with help from Tim Gunn. The book goes on sale August 26 for $3.99 (that includes the actual issue and the Tim Gunn ministory) and comes in at 40 pages. Above is the main cover, but a variant cover by Phil Jimenez is below. Tim Gunn joins Iron Man