Todd McFarlane chimes in on Spider-Man 4

I think everyone reading this knows who Todd McFarlane is. He created Spawn, quite possibly the definitive comic book character of the 90s. But before that, he was an artist for Marvel with a memorable run on The Amazing Spider-Man. Part of that run was the creation of a certain Spidey villain that everyone loves but feel was completely disrespected in Spider-Man 3. That character would be Venom, and McFarlane told MTV Splash Page some words he has for director Sam Raimi. “I would’ve done a few things different,” McFarlane said of the shortcomings that hindered the movie version of Venom. “When I first created him, I made him huge. That would’ve been the first thing for me; I would’ve wanted somebody who looked like he was three times the size of Spider-Man, so it was almost like Spider-Man going against the Hulk. [I want] someone who is really formidable; whenever you have a skinny character against a big one it’s like ‘Woah, I’m going to have to work today.’ But instead, the two of them were about the same size.” Now, McFarlane isn't necessarily the definitive source when it comes to all things Venom. Although I guess he should be considering he created him. But I do agree with McFarlane's assessment that Venom in the film was way too small. Topher Grace played the part of jilted Eddie Brock pretty well, but when he changed to Venom there should have been some intense CGI making him massive. In addition to the size, both McFarlane and myself feels that Venom should have been a little nastier. “I would’ve done something more dramatic. [I also would’ve increased] the nastiness; I never cared too much about the comics code. I always pushed the envelope until the editor said ‘You’d better pull that back.’” Venom works best as the perfect foil to Peter Parker/Spider-Man. Instead of calm, intelligent and somewhat weak, Venom is hyper, rash and Hercules strong. He is encouraged that Raimi can salvage the character in Spider-Man 4, however that is far from confirming that he will be the villain in the fourth film. I've said it before and I'll say it again: we need to see Maximum Carnage. That movie would push the limits of PG-13 and completely redefine the franchise. Will Sony Pictures do it? Of course not, because they're too afraid of the lost profits. Todd McFarlane chimes in on Spider-Man 4