Tom Hiddleston is Loki

Nikki Finke over at Deadline Hollywood Daily must be a big fan of Thor. Not only did the site break the news that Chris Hemsworth would be playing Thor, and now they're saing that Tom Hiddleston is going to be portraying Loki. Chances are, if you live anywhere outside of England you've never heard of Hiddleston. That shouldn't cause concern however, as Hiddleston as proving his acting mettle in various projects. Not only that, but he's also worked onstage with Kenneth Branagh, meaning the two of them already have some chemistry. The roles of Thor and Loki have some flexibility in casting because the characters aren't coming with mammoth expectations. Not to say that there aren't Thor fans out there, but watching casting news about this film is not waiting to see who the next Batman is, for example. With that in mind, I'm very pleased with these casting choices. The two of them seem like they will at least look the parts of Thor and Loki. Not only that, but I have high hopes that the two of them will successfully feed off one another, because really, the Thor-Loki nemesis relationship is one of those pivotal rivalries in comics. Apparently, Marvel is writing up the press releases as we speak. So give it a few days and things will most likely become official. Tom Hiddleston is Loki