X-Men cartoon available for free streaming

I spent my childhood in the 80s and early 90s. So I feel that I know what a good cartoon is because I had tons of them to choose from. One of my personal favorites from Saturday mornings was the X-Men cartoon. I didn't realize at the time since I was like 12, but the show was only loosely based on the stories in the comics. But that didn't prevent it from still being a great show. In any case, Marvel is "airing" an episode each week for you to watch via the newfangled means of streaming. The first three episodes are currently available, and you can check them out after the jump. I can't stress enough how awesome this show was. I seem to remember an excessive reliance on the Sentinels as the main villains, but that doesn't take away any of the awesomeness. The guitar riff theme song still gets me every time. Season 1, Episode 1 Season 1, Episode 2 Season 1, Episode 3


  1. it is a toss up between the guitar riff for this show or for the iron man show as both rocked

  2. So Jon and I may have watched a few episodes together in our day and if we didn't we should have. I know we were watching these episodes at the same time and lovin' it. I think I'll comment on each one as I see them.

    Episode 1.

    Awesome enough to blow a 12 year olds mind and currently a 28 year olds thought process. So good that the the scale of the Sentinels to certain objects although out of proportion are given a pass. That mall must have been massive.

    One question though how did Jubilee not notice that Sentinel behind that humungoid building?

    Who was waiting for a Rogue upskirt in the mall with that dress?

    Why hasn't Kanye West copped Jubilee's glasses? I mean her outfit and the 90s are such a good match.

    Storm's speeches are classic.

  3. Episode 2.

    There are three points in this episode that I think are most important.

    1. OK Morph dies but that's beside the point. This serves only to forward the plot and to allow Wolverine to show some sentiment. He wants to avenge and kill some shit (I'm not Hank McCoy behind the fur). I do love the Wolverine flashback and the allusion to his memory throughout this whole episode. When Sabretooth becomes the object of the story Wolverine's past comes into play again. Awesome.

    2. Can Cyclops be more of wuss in this episode? This line made it for me... a Sentinel approaches from behind a house and it orders Cyclops to stop and - this is so 90s - he says "Of Course... NOT!" Killer throwback still real wussy. Cyclops. Booooo.

    3. Woman president who sounds real manly looks like a bumblebee in a yellow and black tracksuit. I just wish she broke out into a white version of "Rapper's Delight" How amazing life would be.

    Side note if you take notice of the scene when Wolverine is pissed in the bar about to atsrt a bar brawl during pool the instigating biker bad ass sounds too much like Jack Nicholson. Cameo appearance might I say. He may be a huge fan and we just didn't know it.

    I'm Out


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