X-Men Origins: Wolverine does ok at box office

I really hate writing about how well a movie did in the box office because it seems almost trivial, but a film's box office take is often considered the barometer of success. Now that I've disclaimed the following post, let me say that X-Men Origins: Wolverine did well at the box office. Box Office Mojo report that the film managed $87 million in the US over the weekend, and $160 million worldwide. The number was slightly above studio expectations, so of course they're happy with that. And it exceeded the production costs associated with the film (somewhere in the neighborhood of $130 million). People clearly wanted to see this movie, but there's a few lingering questions. The first is how much did the Internet leak affect box office take. My guess is not much, because this opening was about $10 million or so less than the release of Iron Man last year. Another question is what will the drop off be. This film does not really seem to have any staying power, and I'm expecting that the film will do about $50 million next weekend, and then $20 the following before it kind of disappears. It just doesn't really have the oomph that a Wolverine movie should have (mainly because the writers neutered Wolverine's character), and I can see it quickly getting lost in the fold of the other films. X-Men Origins: Wolverine does ok at box office