X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Today is the day that we've all been waiting for: X-Men Origins: Wolverine hits theaters. Up to this point Omnicomic has been profiling the bigger name mutants that you'll see in the film, and now we're at the namesake mutant of the film, Wolverine. He's being profiled by Charles Abadam, a comic book fan whose favorite character is Wolverine and has been around the block when it comes to recognizing awesomeness. He'll be stopping by periodically to wax poetic on various subjects and topics. Enjoy, and be sure to check out the film. Name: Wolverine Aliases: Logan, James Howlett, Canada, Weapon X, Weapon Ten, Death, Mutate #9601, Emilio Garra, Weapon Chi, Experiment X, Agent Ten, Peter Richards, Mai' keth, Black Dragon First appearance: Incredible Hulk #181 (October 1974) Powers: Wolverine is a powerhouse of abilities/powers which can include those num-chuck skills. Here’s the freaking lowdown. Badass claws that extend from his knuckles at will. His regeneration skills keep blood spewing from the tears in his knuckles and that regenerative ability/healing factor is also what keeps everything in check for Wolverine. He can recover quickly from practically everything, but the more severe the wound the longer it takes for him to recover. His adamantium skeleton would be impossible without his healing ability. He ages super slow, so he’s old as dirt but kicks ass and takes names. He’s immune to most drugs, poisons, and maintains a resistance to diseases. He also has heightened senses of smell, sight, and hearing, touch, taste (if you forgot them). He’s a master with weapons, hand-to-hand combat - serving’em up, vehicles, killing dudes and languages. I don’t know if it is enough to say that Wolverine is awesome. I think there is definitely more to it. It’s more of a love that takes silent but deadly to an extremity to both poles of neg and posi. He’s a complex mix of powers, abilities, and personality. He can do it all and not give a flying shit about any of it. How can you care about everything and nothing at all? It is a teaching of the Japanese idea of “mu.” This is something that Wolverine knows a lot about, he is a samurai. There are other Japanese terms that can envelope him such as budo and Shinto. It’s very hard to try to sum Wolverine up. Speculation of who, what, where, when, and why Wolverine is who he is, his origins left to our imagination before the appropriately named "Origins" series came into fruition. Why would we want Wolverine’s past revealed to us? It’s been kept secret from us for so long but we just needed to know. Instead of ruining our own idea of Patch it revealed the sound of his silence in an interesting way. We may have thought he was birthed in a dark wolves den in the middle of the night with a sickle shaped moon shining in the sky by a cannibalistic, half woman, half dog-wolf animal high in the mountains of Canada. He wasn’t what I expected and I reveled in the discovery that he was a timid young boy named James Howlett from a well to do family with no idea of the powers and abilities that were held within. After the gardener killed his father he became aware of his claws, killed the gardener, scarred the gardener’s son (Dog), his mother shot herself, he is disowned by his grandfather and him and his mate Rose flee to Canada to begin an unknown life. Dog isn't happy that James killed his father, so he sets after the two them to extract his revenge. Dog finally catches up to them and a fierce fight ensues until Logan’s rage allows him to get the best of the physically stronger and bigger Dog (who bears a striking resemblance to Sabretooth). Logan extends his claws for the first time in public and is about to kill Dog when Rose intervenes, accidentally getting impaled by his claws. Logan holds her in his arms while dying before fleeing into the woods to live in self-imposed exile. This is just the perfect time to mention the love life of the short, stocky and silent type. Short and stocky I know. Jon’s got my back on that. Silent can be hard for me to be. I mean my man’s got skills. So that being said I’ll list those names: Mariko, Yuriko, Amiko, Viper, Silver Fox. Using the newly adopted name “Logan,” he ends up spending his teenage and adult life in a mining colony in Northern Alberta. He leaves the colony to be in the wilderness (soul searching no doubt) and happens up the Blackfoot Indians where he meets Silver Fox. The two quickly fall in love and Logan remains with the tribe until her death, prompting him to move to Japan where he marries and has a son. Logan continues his life all the way through World War II, where he teams up with Captain America and continues his career as a mercenary. He works for the First Canadian Parachute Battalion until his recruitment by Team X, a covert black ops unit. And then things get intense. See, Team X thinks it would be a good idea to give Logan false memory implants. Dr. Cornelius also decides that Logan’s healing ability makes him the perfect candidate for a new adamantium bonding process that he has invented. With much pain (and likely little knowledge), Logan is infused with the unbreakable metal as it bonds to his skeleton. A side effect is that it also bonds to his bone claws, giving him adamantium claws now instead of the bone claws. Wolverine is then used by just about everybody as their personal killing machine. Department H used him to stop the Hulk and the Wendigo. In the Fatal Attraction storyline, Wolverine went head-to-head with Magneto and had the adamantium ripped from his body. This would lead to a tremendous recovery period and the realization that the claws were there the whole time and not a result of the first adamantium bonding process. Tyler Dayspring (Genesis) attempted to regraft the adamantium to his skeleton, but the failure of the process only sent Wolverine into a feral state. It wasn’t until Apocalypse used him as his new Horseman Death and pits him against the X-Men that the adamantium was successfully rebounded to his skeleton. After this, Logan returned to the X-Men but his stay was short-lived. He still had feelings for Jean Grey (despite her death), and the sight of Cyclops and White Queen together only infuriated him more (he viewed it as a slight against Jean’s memory). Logan would go on to join S.H.I.E.L.D and the Avengers, the latter of which he is currently a member of now. Many of the enemies that Wolverine has a long standing conflict with came from the Weapon X program: Sabretooth (arch nemesis), Omega Red and Lady Deathstrike. We won't see these characters in the film (except for Sabretooth), but we will see the Weapon X project that experimentally binds his whole skeleton with adamantium. This royally screws my man’s memory and further represses the limited memory of his past. Flashbacks are a common occurrence for Wolverine. With good reason he slashes mad Weapon X personnel ass, on the big screen for all to see. Be sure to check out the profiles of the other mutants in the film: Agent Zero Beak Blob Cyclops Deadpool Gambit Sabretooth Silver Fox White Queen William Stryker