Alex Ross creating new Human Torch series

Alex Ross wasn't around for the original Golden Age, but that doesn't mean he can't have a part in revitalizing it. On his website it was recently announced that Ross would be teaming with writer Mike Carey will be co-plotting an eight-issue miniseries about the classic Human Torch. Ross will be painting the covers, and the artist is as of yet unannounced. The idea is to bring the original hero into the current Marvel continuity. The series will be published by Dynamite Comics and is part of the 70th anniversary Marvel celebration. Ross has some experience here, as he did Marvels for Dynamite Entertainment as well, so this is a good fit. Of course, the big question is how the Human Torch will fit into the current continuity with the other Human Torch. The original Torch was an android who took on the name Jim Hammond, and the surviving one is named Jonny Storm and is part of the Fantastic Four. So of course, there can be only one Human Torch in the universe, so I'm intrigued to see how this will really fit into the continuity of the universe. Stay tuned. Alex Ross creating new Human Torch series