Batman: Arkham Asylum achievements

For the Xbox 360 inclined out there, Batman: Arkham Asylum hopes to make up for the lack of Joker as a playable character with achievements. You know, those various actions that give you points for doing them in conjunction with a noise that is like crack? Ahead of the game's rumored August 25 release, Xbox 360 Achievements has released the full list of achievements for the game. The list includes about one-third of the achievements focused on the story mode, another one-third focused on challenges and and the last one-third are secret. A good portion of the challenge-based achievements mention the Riddler, so my guess is that there will be something of a puzzle-solving aspect to the game in addition ot the free-flowing combat. Although, an early favorite for me is Rope-A-Dope-A-Dope, which you unlock by stringing up one henchman and dropping him to surprise a second. This means that you'll have to do more than just hit X,X,Y in combo fashion (like actually using the utility belt) to beat the game, which is great. This is by no means a definitive list, but Xbox 360 Achievements has a pretty good track record with pre-release achievements matching up with actual release achievements. So I'm inclined to take their word on this one. Batman: Arkham Asylum achievements