Brian Blessed is Odin in Thor movie

Bleeding Cool is kind of on a roll today. First, the debut of Warren Ellis' weekly column Do Anything was announced. And now it seems that Rich Johnston has the word on another cast member for the Kenneth Branagh Thor movie. The site reports (with a grain of salt at this point) that Brian Blessed of Shakespearean theater fame has been cast as Odin, father of Thor and Loki. He is best known for his roles as Caesar Augustus in I Claudius and King Of The Hawk Men in Flash Gordon. He's also appeared in quite a few of Branagh's stage productions apparently, including Hamlet and As You Like It. Now, I should reiterate this hasn't been confirmed quite yet, but Johnston seems pretty sure of the news. His opening statement to the piece is the following: "I understand that British actor Brian Blessed has been cast in Kenneth Branagh’s Thor movie, based on the Marvel Comics title, as the character Odin." That seems like a pretty firm declaration to me, but we all know that sometimes rumors get the best of us. Blessed is known for a rather large voice, and he has the bearded look that Odin will require, so if this is true then I for one welcome our new Asgardian overlord. Stay tuned for more details. Brian Blessed is Odin in Thor movie