Burn Notice at Comic Con

San Diego Comic Con is more than just comics. Comics, anime, movies and television shows are all the rage as studios capitalize on the massive throngs of fans. And while this year's programming hasn't officially announced some individual studios are releasing their panel schedules. Among the Lost, Chuck and Heroes panels will be another one with an Omnicomic favorite in Bruce Campbell. Yes kids, according to the Mikkel Bondesen's Twitter Campbell will be at Comic Con at the Burn Notice panel. Bondesen is one of the show's executive producers and is also a big fan of Twitter. Being in a position as such, he's definitely in the know when it comes to the show. Below are two tweets regarding the Burn Notice panel. "Just got word that we will be doing a panel at ComiCon with Bruce Campbell July 23rd for #burn notice...YES! Awesomeness..." "don't know where the details will be. But it looks like it's on the 23rd at 2:30pm. Meet and greet as well." I think "awesome" is a great descriptor. It appears that the panel will feature Bruce Campbell as well as all the writers. Of course, the time has yet to be officially confirmed, but I'd say that Bondesen's tweet about the panel being on July 23 at 2:30 PM would be a pretty good indicator. In case you're wondering why you should care about the panel aside from Campbell, Burn Notice references the order to disavow and wipe off the grid any agents of an intelligence agency after being deemed unreliable. Campbell portrays a semi-retired operative who also happens to be a NAVY Seal that sleeps with older women for money. The show has just entered it's third season and is chugging along on USA network. Anything with Campbell in it has to garner some attention though, so be sure to start tuning in.