Defense with the BoomPick

It's that day again that you look forward to once a week. Nope, not Friday (although when it is Friday that's always a good day since the weekend is right there). I'm talking about new comic book day which is tomorrow. Today I am bringing at you my pick of the week from the list of new comics coming out. After reviewing the list I saw quite a number of them that I am going to pick up. The one that definitely looking forward to is Ultimate Spider-Man: Requiem #1. Brought to you by the fine folks over at Marvel Studios, the unthinkable has happened. Spider-Man has fallen, thus throwing the Ultimate Universe in upheaval. This two part story showcases the exciting life and adventures that Spider-Man has accomplished over the years. Written by Brian Michaels Bendis and with art by Mark Bagley & Stuart Immonen, get ready to celebrate the life of one of New York City’s greatest heroes: Spider-Man.