Defense with the BoomPick

Today I am bringing you a gem of a comic. With election of President Obama, we are really in a whole new world of comics as it's easy to say that Obama has been in more comics than any other President. Considering he has hung out with Savage Dragon, kicked it with Spider-Man and has even been saved by our Chosen One Ash (of the Evil Dead fame), it's safe to say he's all over the comic book world. But he's not done yet. Coming at you tomorrow is a new comic featuring the President all by his lonesome: Barack the Barbarian: Quest for the Treasure of Stimuli #1. From the creative minds over at Devils Due Publishing comes a whole new take on our dear President. With author Larry Hama and artists Chris Schons & Rachelle Rosenberg, the creative trio take President Obama on a grand adventure protecting the people of Merika. Watch as he takes on the likes of Boosh the Dim, Red Sarah and the evil Vizer Harry Burden in his quest for the ultimate treasure. The first issue will feature two covers (one by Tim Seeley & and one by Rachelle Rosenberg) with the variant cover having Red Sarah on the front (based on none other than Sarah Palin). Be ready to start the adventure tomorrow and go pick this one up.