Defense with the BoomPick

New comic book day is upon us once again already. That means it's time for my pick of the week. After reviewing all the new comics coming out there were really only two that I know I am going to get but can only pick one for my choice of the week. It was a tough choice, but I decided to go with Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth #1 brought to you by Marvel. In a odd twist for our favorite character Deadpool, he is sent to the Savage Land to retrieve the most deadliest bio-weapon in the world. What could that be you ask? Well it's Deadpool's zombie head that is still hungry for a super character’s flesh. Of course what is better than one Merc with a Mouth? Why two of course and everyone is after them. From Hydra Operatives, dinosaurs, cavemen-even zombie cavemen-are after our newly minted plucky duo as Deadpool attempts to take the head back to where it belongs. Will he make the journey to get rid of the zombie Deadpool head or will it be taken and bring about the zombie plague on the world as they know it? You'll have to pick this one up tomorrow to find out.