Defense with the BoomStick

Hey out there in radio land. How's it going for you? Well it's going alright for least as well as alright can be in this zombie infested world. Brandon here, your good pal and radio man extraordinare bringing to you the news you need to know and the tips that will keep you alive. So let me get right to it today. First off going to go over a bit of news that I have been catching over the airwaves...some good, some bad and some new that I have been hearing more and more about. For the good news, it seems that Iceland is close to becoming an entire safe zone. For any in that area or if you're on boats head that way as they almost have the entire island cleared. Which is great news, as that means we are slowly winning this war. For a bit of the bad it seems that Florida has been completely overrun.

Except for the Florida Keys and all those islands that were connected by bridges that were destroyed are holding out but for how long is unsure. I believe I caught some chatter that Cuba was gonna help them out, as most of Cuba is secure because of the excellent work they did. Now for news that is bit different. Apparently, I've been hearing reports about a person that is roaming the western side of the United States and has been helping set up fortified areas and teaching survivors how to survive that much longer to help us win this war. I have not been able to confirm this yet or confirm his name, but the most I have heard him be called is simply "Tedd." So if you are in that part of the United States be on the look out for this savior to assist you. Now for the tip of the week.

I've been debating with myself what to go over, and today I think I'm gonna talk about surviving in a tundra environment. Now this is a harsh environment to survive in, even if no zombies were coming after you. You have to step twice as fast and do things smarter to survive. Now this terrain is the best type to make your play at surviving as zombies can't move in it as the low temparatures freeze them where they stand. Plus, during the summer it stays sunnier longer in the days so you have better line of sight than at night. This little plus give you a good psychological boost as well. This is especially true if it's cold out, as then you know that zombies are coming after you and you are able to relax a bit and sleep (crucial if you plan on survivng). The only real danger of the tundra enviroment besides the cold that can kill you if are not cautious is that the frozen zombies can be reanimated if it ever gets warm enough.

It could be years later and you think an area is secure and clear that zombies can thaw and kill you all, so make sure to do through checks when clearing an area. Always remember to be safe and slow when sweeping an area so that you don’t miss anything. Well that's it for today. Got some work to do round my compound, plus got to keep scanning the radio chatter to find out more about this Tedd. Until next week remember to keep fighting and keep surviving.