Defense with the BoomStick

Today has been a tough day. Well, at least around here it's been rough as there was an attack this morning against the wall and during the fight one of the defenders slipped and fell over the wall. They were on him in seconds and I just can't describe the horror. We shot him as quick as we could, but it was tough because there were just so many all over him. So sorry if I'm a bit somber today in my radio broadcast but it was a bad day for us here as I am sure it is for all you out there listening who have lost fellow survivors recently. I'd like to take a moment for a bit of rememberance for those lost. ………………………………………………………………………. Thank you everyone and now on to it.

I heard some interesting news over the airwaves about a few things. One is that Nantucket has become secure as a safe zone to get to, although they are finicky on who they allow to live there. Heard rumors that if you try getting over there make sure you have some sort of skill that is useful and they will allow you to reside there. Also the islands in the Great Lakes are becoming safer, although the mainland around them is still quite dangerous so be careful. In addition I picked up some chatter about this Tedd guy who is roaming the heartland of America and learned a bit more about him. Supposedly he is deadly with a katana and a crack shot with his pistols.

He has cleared out quite a number of small rural towns and helped them build fortifications to keep them safe. When I find out more about him I will let you all know. And Tedd, if you are listening out there I'll set a radio to frequency 37.7. If you can respond to that then do so. Now onto the tip of the week. Today I am gonna go over crossing a certain terrain that was dangerous to go through before the zombie outbreak and is now even more deadly to cross: the swamp areas (mostly in the southeast region of the United States). If you can, avoid these dank, watery areas all together as they are slow to move through with hard to see dangers that will stop you dead in your tracks.

Zombies can be hidden behind every tree or within every watery murky pond. If you must travel through a swamp then watch and listen to all the wildlife. If there is none or you hear them fleeing an area then zombies are there. Silence is even worse as that means zombies are quite close. If you are deciding that a swamp area is gonna be your new home first I would say don’t do this, but if you insist then here are few tips to help clear out the spot you want. All the combat you are gonna do is going to be close quarter gun fights and melee as you have no visibility to snipe from afar or to shoot at a distance like in the plains or urban zones. You need a machete to clear the plant life ahead of you and that is also great for that up-close kill (which you will encounter a lot).

Make sure to keep your team close and looking all around you constantly. Always keep an eye to the water. Now that is it for today. I'm gonna go finish the cleanup and have our memorial dinner for archer the man who died today. Till next week keep fighting and keep surviving. This is Brandon signing off.